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What to do if you find a birds nest

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  • 14-06-2018
What to do if you find a birds nest

What to do if a bird nests in your garden

Birds tend to build themselves a home in every conductive environment available, and more so, in our gardens. They will collect twigs, dry grass, dog fur or anything else available to build a nest. If you have not found one yet, it's just a matter of time before they secure a place in your beautiful lawn. Most people, however, tend to be confused on what to do once they realise this, but not to worry. If a bird ever nests in your garden, here's what you should do. 

Identify the Species of the Bird 

Before making any hasty decision, you might want to know its species. As such, observe the color, size and the time you see it coming back to identify it. Alternatively, consult a family member or friend with more wildlife knowledge. Knowing the species is essential as it can help you know more about the bird and its habits.

Know when to check the nest 

If you check the nest daily, there's a high possibility that you'll disturb the bird, or even worse, force it to abandon the nest. Instead, check it every three to four days; this is the right balance of occasional disturbing. 

Look but don't touch 

It's illegal to move or touch an active bird nest; even if it is in the way of your home's construction. That holds true even for home renovations. As such, you should try to wait as long as possible for the best outcome for the birds before disturbing. 

Know the truth about health concerns 

Some people may worry about their health concerns regarding fecal matter surrounding nests, especially if they cover the entryway to their homes. However, there's no more of a health concern to that. Just make sure your kids don't touch it. 

Gently Put Hatchlings or Fledglings Back to the Nests in Case They Fall Out 

In some cases, the young birds that haven't learned how to fly may fall out of their nests. To ensure their safety, gently place them back to the nest. If the nest is in bad condition, you can always craft a temporary nest and place it close to the original. Or else, modify the current in a way that the mother won't notice. By doing so, you can be sure the parents will find and take care of them. 

Next time you see a nest in your garden, these tips will guide you on what to do. At times, the location where birds choose to build a nest isn't always convenient for the human host. However, it's not every day that you will get a front row seat to watching and adoring nature;, it takes its course. 

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