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What Material Makes The Best Driveway

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  • 28-11-2022
What Material Makes The Best Driveway

Are you asking : what is the best material for a driveway? We look at which driveway surface materials are best and the importance of finding the best driveway surface. 

Best Driveway Materials

Straightforward concrete is a reasonably inexpensive and simple driveway solution, it is not the ideal option for people wishing to display their home, but it will be a good solution if your driveway needs repairing and money is tight.

While the technique is simple to lay, it must be done correctly by competent workers. There are several horror tales of badly poured concrete driveways crumbling within months, so pick someone reputable, even if it costs a bit more in the near term.

When done correctly, a basic concrete driveway will last you a long time and be almost maintenance-free, which will be a definite tick in the 'pros' box for many. Asphalt, sometimes known by its brand name Tarmac, is also a reasonably simple finish with both advantages and disadvantages.

On the bright side, asphalt is very inexpensive to lay, but it does have drawbacks; most of these problems arise as the temperature begins to climb throughout the summer months, when the heat may make your driveway sticky and, in some cases, out of shape.

Despite being used on many of our roads across the UK, asphalt driveways are falling out of favour with home improvement enthusiasts, as other solutions are both less troublesome and more visually appealing.

Which Driveway Surface Materials are Best?

Much will be determined by your personal choices and circumstances, some people will enjoy gravel, while others will despise it, and the same is true for every driveway surface on our list.

All serve a function, but some are just more appealing to you and your preferences and demands. The distinctions between different driveway surface options, such as asphalt, gravel, concrete, and stone, are the subject of much conjecture

 The most important factors for you to take into account while choosing the most lasting surface option are the weather, safety, and aesthetic considerations; in this situation, durability is used to determine the investment's value.

What Is The Best Material For A Driveway?

 Gravel Driveways

Gravel driveways are quick and simple to build, and they require little upkeep - aggregates may also be used to design stunning, unique landscaping. Making a distinctive driveway may improve a home's appearance because there are countless colours and materials to choose from.

Gravel roads have the additional advantage of being permeable, which will lessen the effects of prolonged rains; for added environmental advantages, making the area around home more porous enables the water to drain more quickly and recharge groundwater.

To incentivise homeowners to expand their green spaces, many cities have started taxing non-porous home surfaces.

 Block Paving Driveways

One of the most popular surfacing alternatives is block paving, which is created from a range of materials, the most prevalent of which are clay and concrete. Blocks are cut to a given form - generally square or rectangular - and can then be set in simple or elaborate patterns to suit your tastes.

Block paving is extremely minimal maintenance, which is one of its biggest benefits; due to the nature of the material, top polishing is not necessary and future repainting is not necessary.

In truth, all it takes to keep your driveway or patio looking clean and bright for years to come is routine cleaning with plain soap and water. Block paving is a great material for the changing British weather since it can readily resist harsh, irregular conditions.

 Concrete Driveways

The endurance of concrete as a driveway material is its main advantage. Concrete surfaces may endure up to 50 years with relatively little care when placed properly, making them a desirable investment for house owners and real estate developers.

Additionally, concrete is excellent at withstanding severe weather. Extreme temperatures are less likely to cause shrinking and expansion for it. For concrete surfaces, a variety of ornamental alternatives are available.

For instance, concrete may be stained to add colour for a distinctive, eye-catching appearance. In addition, stamping may be utilised to give concrete driveways a decorative surface that looks well in residential locations.

 Imprinted Concrete Driveways

Although you may already be aware that concrete can be coloured, did you also realise that it can also be patterned? A driveway with imprints looks great and is frequently utilised in place of more expensive driveway solutions.

It offers a variety of advantages, including increasing the curb appeal of your property while being tough and weed-resistant. Despite the fact that the supplies are not expensive, the task is not straightforward; due to the longer construction time than the typical concrete block driveway, the labour cost per square metre will increase significantly.

Tarmac Driveways - Best Material For A Driveway

 Tarmac Driveways

One of the most popular driveway materials in the UK is tarmac or asphalt, it's the greatest option for large driveways, is easy to construct, and costs less per square metre than other roads. This is a fantastic substitute for a durable, low-maintenance driveway.

Tarmac normally costs £40 per square metre and may be used to resurface an old driveway; it displays nicely and is quick and easy to install, especially when edging stones are utilised.

 Resin Driveways

Water can pass through porous resin-bound surfaces and into the sub-base. As long as the sub-base is also permeable and SUDS compliant, a resin-bound system is SUDS compliant. Get more information on SUDs.

In essence, the resin glues the new surface finish in place by adhering to the existing surface; if properly maintained, the resin-bound surface requires little care and is weed-resistant. Due to their UV resistance, higher-grade resin systems are also resistant to oil or gasoline spills and will maintain a uniform colour.

 Cobblestone Driveways

Stones found in nature are tough by nature, they have a strong bending strength to handle external pressure and vehicle weight. This implies that if they are installed on a dry paver foundation, the grout gap may enlarge in the event of excessive weight - they survive for ages without breaking or chipping if properly cared for.

Natural stone is hard to match for those who are serious about having their driveway look its best; naturally, natural stone is quite resilient and will keep its aesthetic qualities over time. Additionally, it is fairly frost resistant, which will be advantageous in some areas of the UK. However, it is expensive, and it is difficult to refute the case against ongoing quarrying.

Cobblestone Driveways - Best Material For A Driveway

Importance of Finding the Best Driveway Surface 

When you initially move into a new house, finding the finest driveway surface material may not be your top concern, but it's vital to remember the influence a well-designed drive can have on your property, especially if you're attempting to sell.

You'll obviously want to find a balance between cost and beauty, and for some, one will be more essential than the other, but you'll also want to consider driveway durability. Since the British weather is so unpredictable, the finest driveway surface must be able to withstand anything the British weather decides to throw at it. 

Factors to Consider with a New Driveway Installation

Although certain driveway materials are porous, a drainage system is required if the driveway is larger than 5m2 and the surface is not porous. Whatever driveway you construct, supplies will need to be delivered, and if access is difficult, this may be another issue you need to consider.

The slope of your drive may also have an influence on driveway pricing, necessitating the use of extra materials or the need to build up certain parts. Security and privacy are provided by gates. Whether you choose wrought iron, classic oak, or opulent electric gates, it will greatly raise the total cost.

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