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What Is Meant By Hard Landscaping

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  • 17-03-2023
What Is Meant By Hard Landscaping

Have you been asking: what is meant by hard landscaping? Isle Landscapers Limited are profesional landscapers working throughout Maidstone and Kent. This article looks at what hard landscaping materials are and the difference between hard and soft landscaping.

What Is Hard Landscaping?

Landscaping is a vital part of the designing and construction process and utilises two main factors to curate a cohesive visual and functional experience: hard and soft landscaping. Hiring a professional landscaper or team that can help you design and install other landscaping features in the most seamless way possible.

Hard landscaping relates to the structures and foundations you and local professionals can implement into outdoor environments and improve their aesthetic and financial value. They typically offer structure and form to your backyard or garden; for example, you can separate sections with pathways or to be used effectively with driveways and patios.

Hard landscaping generally refers to several solid elements, such as drainage systems, paths, patios, fencing, decking, walls, electrics, steps and driveways. Sometimes you can use full range hard landscape materials as a base for softscapes features, for example, vegetation, shrubs, grass lawns and plants.

Updating Patios And Driveways

What Are Hard Landscaping Materials?

You'll find a wide variety of hard landscaping materials that are most helpful in designing a brand-new outdoor space or a home improvement renovation. The most commonly purchased and used materials for such projects include rock, brick, timber, glass, pea gravel, concrete, metals and asphalt.

Many of these hard materials are sold to home and property owners in numerous design and colour variations, enabling you to get as creative as possible. Hard landscaping is popular with owners and renovators for its resilience and hard-wearing properties, making them weather-resistant. 

What Is Meant By Hard Landscaping? Landscapers In Maidstone and Kent

Hardscape Elements

Once the distinction between the two forms of outdoor landscaping becomes clear, its characteristics are more straightforward to spot and begin to make sense. Some of the elements of hardscaping involve:

Solid yet movable materials, whether natural or manmade, such as paving, gravel and stones. Inanimate objects like statues, chimineas, outdoor structures, planters, and garden furniture. Decking, gazebos, outdoor kitchens, patios, driveways, water features and pathways. Any materials that increase runoff and therefore prevent wet weather and water from soaking into your soil. Porous materials like grass and shrubbery enable water to soak into the soil and contaminate streams. 

What Is The Difference Between Hard & Soft Landscaping Elements?

When considering home improvement via garden landscaping, you may have heard the terms hard, and soft landscaping coursing throughout the industry and yet are unaware of the difference. Hard landscaping typically accumulates the incorporation of solid materials and surfaces into your backyard or garden space.

Grounds care professionals are employed to renovate your outdoor domestic or commercial space to install and curate walkways, platforms and boundary lines with man-made materials of different landscape designs and colours. Some examples of popular hardscaping materials that homeowners use are:

Brick Walls

Retaining Walls


Stone Features






Ponds (surrounded by brickwork)

On the other hand, soft landscaping refers to the inclusion and renovation of soft materials, planting and wildlife throughout your outdoor space, whether commercial or domestic. Some examples of soft landscaping that people incorporate include the following:





Flower beds


Ponds (not surrounded by brickwork)

What Is The Difference Between Hard & Soft Landscaping Elements? Maidstone and Kent

Benefits Of Hard Landscaping

Hardscaping is essential to outdoor landscaping, providing home and property owners with numerous solutions to meet their aesthetic and practical needs

 Hard landscaping helps create beautiful and functional platforms, patios, walkways and boundaries and also assists with erosion prevention, efficient drainage and water diversion. Many forms of hardscaping, including furniture and ornaments, such as fountains and statues, are used to enhance the visual appeal. 

 Low Maintenance

Hard landscaping is one of the few household and property installations that require little upkeep. Soft landscaping is incredibly high maintenance, as you have to consistently remember to mow the lawn and water plants, which can be time-consuming and challenging, especially if you have a hectic lifestyle or an injury that prevents you from frequent movement.

Even hiring a gardener to provide a high level of weekly or bi-weekly maintenance can be expensive to upkeep. Whilst you'll need to give your stone, concrete or flagstones a clean or powerwash with a high-quality yard or garden jet and brush away the debris, it isn't a job you need to complete consistently. Jetwashing is a suitable annual task to complete once or twice a year in the summertime. 

 More Functional

As hard landscaping isn't affected by the weather like soft landscaping, it is a more practical option that you can enjoy year-round. Garden lawns can become unusable and flood during heavy weather storms, yet hardscaping never suffers from these issues.

It is an ideal option to incorporate these other features and textures into your home's garden if you want to enjoy and relax outdoors in any season of the year. Pavements, drives or a car park is also another form of hardscaping that can add further value and practicality to your household and property grounds. 

Benefits Of Hard Landscaping Maidstone and Kent

 Curb Appeal

When completed properly, hard landscaping can be a beautiful and visually appealing inclusion to a property. Over time, you'll find that soft landscape gardens and backyards can typically grow out of control, appearing messy and untamed without frequent maintenance.

In contrast, hardscaping is guaranteed to look effortlessly tidy and clean all year round. Shrubs, flowers and trees can often die without constant assistance and require replacing throughout the year, and this is a costly affair. However, hard landscaping can bring instant beauty and curb appeal for a cost-effective price. 


In paved areas or locations where it's common to experience droughts and a lack of rain, hardscapes enable home and property owners to combat excess water waste successfully.

You'll never need to worry about spilling gallons of water to help grow and maintain your plants, lawns and flowers, as hard landscaping reduces the amount of greenery, so you might be able to go water-free.

As your garden or backyard will be filled with hard flooring or partially consumed by a solid landscape, you won't have to fret over your plants and flowers dying or your grass fading into a dull brown shade due to extensive sun exposure. 

hard landscaping materials Maidstone and Kent

 Increase Property Value

Adding or filling your garden or backyard with hardscape designs and materials can help make your property more attractive and, thus, increases its overall. Hard landscaping can come in numerous forms, such as outdoor extensions that enable homeowners to increase their home's square footage.

With more usable space, future potential buyers can begin to picture themselves in the space, entertaining themselves or guests and relaxing under the sun.

It is stated that approximately 84% of buyers search for quality outdoor patios when looking for a new home to invest in, so it helps raise its value and curb appeal. We recommend getting planning permission before including some aspects of hardscaping, such as extensions and decking. 

Add Dimension

With the help of implementing hard landscaping into your home or property, you can happily kiss goodbye to your potentially lacklustre, flat or wide-open backyard by adding multiple dimensions.

Hard landscaping allows customers to incorporate defined edges, weaving walkways and differing levels that will make your space more visually appealing and interesting to look at or relax in.

Additionally, by installing pergolas, stone boundary lines, courtyard walls and lattice fencing, you can have more privacy throughout your backyard or garden from bypassers or neighbours.

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