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Updating Patios And Driveways

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  • 05-03-2021
Updating Patios And Driveways

Tips for Updating Patios And Driveways

Are you looking for tips and ideas for updating old patios and driveways? We look at some creative ways to modernise your hard landscaping.

If you have just moved into a new home and are thinking of improving the garden, you may not know where to start. Overhauling a garden takes a lot of hard work, and creating a space that you will enjoy for years to come takes a lot of thought and planning. 

One great way of improving your garden path is by having a patio laid, and it can provide you with space with many uses.

Do You need to update your Patios And Driveways?

Do You need to update your Patios And Driveways?

Firstly, a patio is a great place to set up a table and enjoy an evening meal during the summer. You can put a BBQ on it and have friends and family over, and it gives the adults a space to stay and chat while the kids play on the grass. It can be an uninterrupted part of the garden, where someone can read a book and relax, while the rest of the garden may occupy themselves with football and other toys. 

 A patio can also be a design feature. It can become the start of a path that runs your garden's length or shape that works with the other hard landscaping in your garden. A patio can have many uses and can look pretty much any way you want it to, just like the driveway. Redesigning your new home's driveway is an excellent way of quickly adding your style to your new home. A driveway can be made of many different materials and suit just about anyone, and is useful for anything. The only thing stopping you when it comes to driveways and patios is your imagination!

Block Paving Driveways

If you are considering updating your driveway, a prevalent option is replacing or installing block paving driveways. Block Paving Driveways, made mainly with concrete or clay, are a very decorative way of creating and updating hard-standing or pavements. 

Redesigning your new home's driveway - Block Paving Driveways Maidstone and Kent

This technique uses bricks layered over porous recycled materials like crushed glass or rubble from old buildings. Block driveways or patios can create many varying patterns; it's most common being Herringbone, which offers a strong structure, as its materials interlock.  This option, however, requires much maintenance as moss can erupt from its cracks and therefore needs cleaning regularly. 

This paving method relies on sand; the materials rest on a sand foundation so that patterns can form and shape easier. It perhaps may not be the most remarkable landscape for a driveway due to this fact. Suppose cars frequently park on this patio style; the sand from its foundation may cause it to begin sinking. Block paving is a fantastic patio terrain; however, you may well wish to reconsider using it for a driveway.

Tarmac Driveways

Another option you can look into for patios and especially driveways is Tarmac. Tarmac makes for solid and hard-wearing surface material. It is layers of aggregate or crushed up stones combined with tar. Once laid in the allocated area, we compress it to form a smooth surface using a vibrating roller. 

Tarmac Driveways Maidstone and Kent

In comparison to block paving, tarmac allows for many cars to park in the same space for long periods without you having to worry about sinking or any potential cracks. There are several benefits to using tarmac for driveways; firstly, it is weather-resistant. You don't have to worry about the climate you live in as tarmac is a material that can stand in all kinds of conditions, hot or cold. It is quick and easy to install; they are perfect for those who aren't entirely focused on aesthetics and want a simple driveway. Tarmac is also easily layered overtop old or existing surfaces, making the job a hell of a lot quicker. 

Loose stones

Loose stones are also an excellent option for patios and driveways. They are very pleasing to look at, and they are speedy and easy to install. Although this is the case, loose stones tend to get dirty very quickly due to natural causes and weather conditions, causing driveways made up of them not to last very long. 

They aren't as durable as a substance like a tarmac; however, they have much kerb-appeal, so it all depends on your stylistic choices. They may not be some of the best choices for vulnerable or elderly residents, as the stones can be slippery, especially in rainy weather.

Loose stones Driveways kent

Resin-bound patios and driveways

Resin-bound patios and driveways are aggregate or stones mixed with resin to create footpaths, patios and drives. Resin-bound surfaces are a lot more durable and require less maintenance; they must be power washed at least twice a year to avoid any buildup or growth of moss or algae. You may wish to choose resin because, as a surface material, it is a permeable solution and can let water pass through and freely drain through. 

How do I upgrade my concrete driveway?


Staining Staining is a fantastic way to upgrade a dull-looking driveway. 

Cleaning your driveway with a power wash and then topping it off with a stain results in a rich, glossy translucent colour that makes your driveway appear shiny and new. 

Stains come in a variety of different tones, its most common acid stains bring about very earthy-tones. In contrast, water-based stains are available to you in several different shades and colours. 


Another option when upgrading the appearance of your driveway is stamping. Stamping creates the facade of natural stones on your driveway. 

These stamps can come in various rock and patio types, such as tiles and bricks, flagstones, cobblestones and slates. 

Even though stamping is a technique and design that is often atop newer driveways and patios, stamp overlays are still an effective way to enhance and revamp your drive no matter its condition. 


Etching designs and exciting patterns may be the best way for you to spruce up your driveway or patio, granted it has no damages. 

Special tools create fun and permanent designs on your drive to enhance your overall kerb-appeal. Plans consist of stone patterns, memorable logos and unique graphics. We will assist you with any ideas and pick a beautiful design that accurately complements your home and its structure. 


It may be that your patio or driveway is past the point of return, and you require a replacement. You may wish to replace your surface with pavers. 

Pavers come in many colours and textures; they overlap and interlock to create aesthetically pleasing patterns. They are perhaps on the more expensive side; however, they are incredibly cost-efficient as they are so long-lasting. 

Once installed, you can drive on them almost immediately, and you can replace pavers easily due to their structure's nature. 

Can patio slabs be painted?

The patio can be challenging and expensive to replace regularly; thus, it is good to know how to spruce up your patio to make it look brand new again. 

You may indeed paint patio slabs; however, we highly suggest that you look into buying high-quality paints. Cheap paints are not long-lasting and cannot cope with the elements. 

Low-quality paint ontop of slabs can chip away in rainy weather or become distorted in hot summer weather, leaving them to turn a displeasing shade. It is cost-effective for you to invest in higher-priced and higher-quality patio paint, and we can assure you will not be disappointed with the results.  

How can I make my driveway look new again?

Patio's and driveways are difficult surfaces to replace, as the job can be pricey and depending on the material used, it can be a time-consuming project. It can be disappointing when there is little but distracting damage to your patio or drive, especially when it no longer has kerb-appeal due to staining or weather damage. 

Have no fear; we can provide you with three easy DIY ways to replenish your patio and driveway and have it looking brand new, and adding kerb-appeal to the outdoors of your house. 

Power Wash 

Over periods, your driveway can become dirty, grime, mud and dirt can gather and pile up on your drive and walkways. 

As a result of you, your family, guests entered and exited your home, either on foot or in vehicles. Before thinking about getting a replacement, try cleaning your driveway with a powerful jet.

The water pressure will remove most, if not all, potential stains and hard to reach dirt. You can find select cleaning products and chemicals that will remove all grime, tire marks and any oil stains out of the concrete.

Maidstone and Kent Driveway care


Resurfacing your driveway is not the same as completely replacing it. When we resurface a drive or terrain, we begin by deep cleaning the driveway or patio. 

We then make minor repairs; this is useful if you have any cracks in the concrete or any crumbling sections or edges. Doing so allows us to fill in those cracks and fix any damage done without completely replacing your driveway. 

When resurfacing, you also can change any aspects of your concrete or terrain; we can add or change colours, and we can decorate it if you wish with any distinctive patterns.

Add Stain or Sealing Coats

Stains and sealing coats provide a shiny appearance to your pre-existing concrete. It is a very affordable way to revamp your grounds. 

Contrasted with brick or stone, it may look plain; however, a finishing glossy topcoat can be just what you may need to renovate your driveway space. It makes a huge difference from any old, dull-looking surface that you may perhaps be dealing with now. 

How can I make crazy paving look better?

Crazy paving is a fun method of paving that is mainly for aesthetic purposes. Bricks, stones and slabs lay on grounds like jigsaw puzzles to evoke a fun and rustic appearance that is great for kerb-appeal. 

The way to make sure paving slabs like this look more attractive is simply by cleaning them. It may need patching up due to being chipped away by natural conditions, so mixing in sand and cement and applying it to these areas when dry may be the best option.

 You may leave it to cure in the moisture and the elements. Often, mould or moss may grow in between this paving, and while that could be seen as unfavourable on paper, out in nature, it makes for a rather pleasing, earthy appearance. 

 How do you take up old patio slabs?

If you are looking to remove old patio slabs on your own accord, all you need is the correct tools, and you should be on the right track. 

It would be best if you began with the primary means; these consist of a heavy-duty sledgehammer of at least 20 lbs, a pry bar, a high lift jack used to lift trucks for repairs and tire changes. You may also wish to have safety glasses, buckets, gloves, a shovel, and a trailer or truck to store the patio's old pieces. 

Once your patios are clean of any dirt that prevent any movement in the slabs, use the tip of your pry bar inside a crack that you may have and push it down to make a hedge way into the concrete. 

Spear any intersections and gaps with the pry bar, push down, and begin attempting to lift the slab. When holes get deep enough for you, thrust the pry bar underneath the slab and have someone hold it in place. Use the sledgehammer to break off more of the concrete near the tip of the pry bar or near any fractured lines to make them break apart. 

Remove the rubble into your buckets and continue. Continue this process until you remove all the slabs and debris. You can also use your shovel to dig into the cracks, using your high lift jack to puncture into the rubble, lowering the level once inside will allow for more concrete slabs to lift. 

Is it better to paint or stain the concrete patio?

Floor Paints

We can separate floor paints into two their two different types; Oil-based and Latex based. 

The most popular floor paints are Latex based. Paints with a latex base tend to adhere better to any surface you are working on, and they can be far easier to cover or smear. 

Often, paint layers can separate or smudge, but because latex-based paints do not absorb water vapours, it prevents this from occurring. You may clear acrylic latex paints away easier by using water in moister areas like basements or lower grounds.

Oil-based paints, however, are best for covering slight surfaces damages and imperfections. For concrete floors, Oil-based paints tend to look better than latex paints. It may not be as long-lasting, and as latex, it is resilient to low temperatures, so it is so great for floors in cooler climates. 

While you cannot remove them with just water like latex paints, oil-based paints can cope with intense pressures from scrubbing and cleaning.

Overall, Oil-based paints work best on concrete porches and patios, whereas its counterpart, Latex paints, works excellently on garage flooring as a coat. 

Floor Stains

Amongst floor stains, there are two main types; acid-based stains and water-based stains. Floor stains provide a unique marble effect on your patios and driveways that you cannot achieve through paints.  

Acid-based stains can alter the concrete's overarching appearance and colours; its chemical reaction can often create quite eathy tones once they have seeped into the surface. 

Water-based stains can sometimes fade, but acid-based pigments are fade-resistant and durable even without any sealer over the top. If you are working with acid-based yourself and not via a professional, it is ideal for you to take various safety precautions, ensuring to protect your eyes and skin; perhaps through using fans to propel away any fumes or through ventilating masks. 


For garage floors, Epoxy is the best kind of concrete paint to use. Epoxy is a long-lasting paint of a plastic-like substance. It would help if you didn't expose it to grounds with a lot of moisture as it can interfere with the bonding process, making it best for garage flooring. 

It is a two-part mixture combined with water for coating; the chemical reaction between the two products allows for a more potent, more durable substance. Whilst solvent-based, it does not emit any harmful fumes that could be a danger to your person. 

Epoxy is a great deal more stringent than other paints and withstands the heat from tires driven out in the hot sun for many hours without making the peel or causing the stain to dissipate. 

What does a new driveway cost in the UK?

Gravel and stones

Gravel and stones are one of the most common forms of driveway surfacing. The rocks shapes become more consistent in shape, colour and amount, the higher you pay. 

They are the most affordable landscaping methods; their starting prices in the UK are around £1200 and range up to £7200, depending on the scale. 

What does a new driveway cost in the UK?

Block paving

There are three main brick types; clay blocks, natural stones and concrete blocks. These may also bump up the price along with the many different complex pattern options; edging, drainage solutions, and steps. 

Of course, the scale and size of the land you want us to pave add on too. Prices can range from £1200, all the way to £11,000. Give us a call, and we will be happy to offer you any advice and estimate a quote for an installation. 


Tarmac driveways in the UK are often £45 per metres squared. However, laying the surface finish isn't what you must account for in the bill. The UK's average driveway is around 50 metres square; thus, you can expect to pay approximately £2,000. If you are entirely unsure and would like a more accurate quote, contact us, and we can discuss a reasonable range for you depending on all the factors. 


Resin driveways tend to be more expensive; however, they can be quite comparable to tarmac pricing. Prices tend to differ depending on the quality of the materials, land scale, and location. Starting at around £40-£70 per metre square, in the UK, a typical overall price for Resin is around £2,400. 


Concrete is much cheaper than block paving, and it is long-lasting. Concrete is perhaps one of the cheapest driveways to be installed. Depending heavily on the complexity of the style and desired size, you can expect to pay around £500 up to £8,000 in the UK. 

Read our hard landscaping guide for more tips.

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