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Top Gardens Trends for 2017

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  • 09-01-2017
Top Gardens Trends for 2017

Top Gardens Trends for 2017 

The Scandinavian design is pushing into gardening in 2017. This style includes outdoor candles and whitewashed floors. However, there are also movements toward real opulence. This includes lanterns, rugs in Moroccan tents and jewel-coloured cushions.

The remarkable development or underlying style expands the inside of your home to the outdoor areas. The garden is turning out to be more of a useful living area that you like to spend free time in. Therefore, get some idea and encouragement from these inspirational new styles.


Seating is getting increasingly relaxed and comfy. Discard the usual upright chairs and begin to lay, laze and lounge in your patch. A style that started with out-of-doors sofa a couple of years past is going to develop. This includes daybeds and the comfortable swing seat, to allow you to indulgence in comfort. Put swag on it or candy coloured stripes for improved personalisation. The newest style is to make a complete boudoir in your backyard.  This has a tent filled with opulent rags, floor cushions as well as lanterns.


Lighting is becoming cheaper and better as well as more exciting. Look for radiant and dazzling lights powered by solar energy, rechargeable lights or lights powered by the battery. Some choose to change colour lights as they are pretty as well as make your night brighter. Fairy lights are also highly advisable. Lights can come in star, snowflakes or Moroccan and Chinese lanterns shapes. These could bring supernatural feeling to any garden. Placing fairy lights in jars provide a shine which can last. Do not forget to put fake candles that have LED lights that offer a lovely lighting effect. 

Decorations and Colours

Scandinavian design has made progress inside and outside of the house. The overall shade or tone is white and this could come from white paint or white washes on brickwork, fences or decking. Decors and containers are galvanised or zinc. These lift up the white, a little unfinished as well as un-shiny appearance of the other areas. For your final touch, put in fake fur rug and candles for a true Nordic feel. 

A small garden is making a huge statement.  This includes table top décor of sedums, strikingly made window containers and boxes filled with bulbs for your window sill. Although you don't have space outside, you could make something striking to enjoy. You can do this by always decorating the surface of compost with moss. This will turn mundane planting into something very special.