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Tips for Planting Trees

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  • 19-04-2017
Tips for Planting Trees

Tips for Planting Trees

Planting each different type of tree needs special consideration. Each varies in the methods. But all trees eventually wind up in a hole.

A common error when planting your tree is a digging hole  which is both over deep and too narrow. If it is very deep, the roots do not have access to adequate oxygen. This is required to ensure healthy development. Too narrow and the roots can't expand sufficiently to nurture and appropriately anchor the tree.

As a basic rule, trees must be  planted no deeper than the soil from which they were grown originally. The width of the hole ought to be at least three times the size of the root ball or container or the spread of the roots when it comes to bare root trees. This will supply the tree with enough worked earth for its roots to develop themselves.

If digging in inadequately drained pipes clay soil, it is necessary to avoid 'glazing'. Glazing happens when the sides and bottom of a hole become  a barrier which water has trouble passing into.


Before you start, have a look around your area. See which types of tree are prospering. This will offer you a concept of exactly what may succeed in your soil.

A lot of trees can grow in a series of conditions but some have a preference for sandy, clay, damp or chalky soils. It's worth exercising what soil type you have in your planting location and then selecting your trees accordingly.

Your soil could be chalky, clay, loamy, peaty, sandy and silty. To work out what kind it is, take a look at it carefully, pick it up and roll it between your hands.

Burlapped Trees

Burlapped trees should be planted as soon as you can. They can be stored for a long time after purchase. Ensure the ball is kept moist and the tree saved in a dubious location.

Container Trees

Container trees can likewise be stored for a brief time period.  After purchase, the soil in the container is kept wet and the tree kept in a dubious area.

Bare-Rooted Trees

Planting bare-rooted trees is different. There is no soil surrounding the roots in this case. Most importantly, the time between purchase and planting is a more important problem.  Plant as soon as possible. When acquiring bare-rooted trees, examine the roots to guarantee that they are moist and have many lengths of great root hairs.