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Tips For Installing a Patio

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  • 10-05-2017
Tips For Installing a Patio

Tips For Installing a Patio

Thinking of installing a new patio? These professional ideas will help make the work easy and the outcomes incredible.

A patio can be created with many products. Yet it's tough to beat one made from pavers for convenience of setup as well as low upkeep. The initial expense may be above other choices, yet you'll conserve in the future by not needing to discolor or seal it constantly. And also, fixings are much easier, one paving slab at a time.

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Draw a comprehensive plan to scale on graph paper. Place in all the dimensions of the patio location.Mark fixed features on the plans - your house, walls, secure fencing and manhole covers. You have to pave around the covers as well as they could influence the level of the patio area. Likewise mark on trees and large plants.


Calculate the location of your outdoor patio in square metres. Each pack of leading slabs shows the area it covers. Making use of a single dimension slab? After that just divide the location of your patio by the area covered by one pack to see how many packs you need.If you're using different size pieces, the calculation is much more complicated and you need to request guidance.

Marking out the patio

Accurately move your plan to the ground with wood pegs, a home builder's square as well as string. Make sure the marks for the  surface area are level with any existing paving and manhole covers. Bear in mind to permit a gradual incline far from the house when placing in your wooden pegs.

Prepare the base

To lay a strong base for your paving slabs, you first require a layer of hardcore to a depth of concerning 50mm to 80mm over the area of your patio area.You could work with a powered wacker plate to compress the hardcore to offer a good strong base.

Laying paving slabs

Lay down the initial slab versus your house at the corner. It's essential that the initial piece is positioned precisely. Delicately tap the piece to the appropriate level with a club hammer. Examine the alignment of the piece with a level however enable the slope away from your home.


Once your slabs are laid, leave the mortar to completely dry for at the very least 24 hours before filling the voids in between them. This mortar quits your slabs relocating as well as protects against weeds from growing in the gaps.

To earn up your pointing mortar, make use of a semi-dry mixture consisting of 4 components building sand to one part cement. Make certain the mortar is only just damp - this will certainly protect against contraction.

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