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Spring Planting

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  • Spring Planting
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  • 23-02-2017
Spring Planting

Spring Planting Tips

Planting in the right season can help you maintain a great garden and harvest beautiful crops. When spring comes, the days will be longer allowing you to spend more time in your garden.

Several spring bulbs will be flowering in the garden as well. However, you must also keep in mind that plants are not the only ones that will respond to the warmth of the sun. Weeds will grow as well. Your crops will not get the nutrients it needs if there are weeds growing in your garden. So, make sure to get rid of the weeds before they mature and take over your backyard.

You can still plant shrubs and deciduous trees until the end of March. Keep newly planted trees as well as vegetation top dressed with manure or compost. You can use your own home-made compost to save money and ensure that your plants are not subjected to harsh chemicals. Search the internet for tips on how to make home-made compost.  

Winter is also the right time to start mulching beds and borders to prevent weeds from growing and to retain moisture. If you have roses planted in your garden and they were damaged by snow, make sure to prune them before new growth appears. 

You can also start sowing seeds of summer bedding plants. Some seeds can be sown directly into the ground, while others can be planted in trays or pots first and stored in the greenhouse. Young bedding plants can be placed in pots as well. Runner and French beans can be grown in pots. Make sure to complete planting fruit trees in March. 

Semi-hardy and hardy vegetables should be planted in early spring. Hardy vegetables can withstand hard frosts and are good options for spring gardens.

The hardiest vegetables such as collards, kale and spinach can endure temperatures lower than 20⁰F.  These vegetables taste great when they grow fully in cool weather.  So they are also perfect for late summer planting. Broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, English peas, collards, radish, Kohlrabi, parsley, kale, leeks, turnip, mustard greens and spinach are just some of the best options for spring planting.

Semi-hardy vegetables are capable of tolerating light frosts, so they are also good for spring gardens. Some of the best options include lettuce, beets, celery, endive, carrot, cauliflower, Irish potatoes, Chinese cabbage, gourmet salad greens, salsify, radicchio and rutabaga.