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Plants for the Modern Garden

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  • 27-01-2017
Plants for the Modern Garden

Plants for the Modern Garden

When choosing the best plants for your contemporary garden, keep the idea of minimalism in mind. The first important thing to keep in mind is that contemporary gardens must have a simpler palette of the plants. You should stick largely to hues and shades of green.

A special container or jars with colourful plants are a remarkable touch. On the other hand, you have to limit this. 

Another important thing to remember is that plants must be planted in a straight line. This will help organise the garden. 

The last but most important rule to follow is that plants must be grouped and categorised in odd numbers if it all possible 3's or 5's. In case you want to perform a mass planting of a single type of plant, you can plant them in grid patterns. 

Here are some of the best plants to plant in a contemporary or modern garden. 


This is a low growing succulent, sculptural quality, round rosettes and relatively drought tolerant, but not frost resistant.

Feather Reed Grass:

This is tall ornamental grass that looks like wheat, summer dormancy and a cool season grass. This is ideal for planting in moist and wet soil. 

Blue Fesque:

This is a semi-evergreen mounding ornamental type of grass, USDA zone five and it needs full sun as well as properly drained soil. 


This is a big, sculptural succulent, superb focal point and drought tolerant. This also tolerates temperature into teens. 

Kangaroo Paws:

Native in Australia, it has purple, green, red, yellow and orange flowers which add a tiny pop of shade or colour. 

Horsetail Reed:

This grows near water and needs partial sun. It grows fast and can reach up to 3 to 4 feet tall.


This is common in many contemporary garden styles. It sways softly in the breeze that adds a weightless feel and texture to borders. 

New Zealand Flax:

For gardeners concerned about texture, colour as well as form, this is the best plant to choose. The leathery, long, sword-like leaves spread out boldly as well as hold their shape in thick and thin. 

Red Hot Poker: 

This contributes the all-vital eye stopping moment to a garden design due to its strongly upright yet compact feature. This is very colourful adding life and beauty to your contemporary garden.

Ornamental and succulent grasses are best options of plants for a modern garden. Succulents are available in a broad spectrum of sizes and shapes and will also add a sense of excitement and drama to your garden. Ornamental grasses, on the other hand, are best for adding texture and greenery along a fence or path.