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Planning a New Garden Design

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  • 27-04-2021
Planning a New Garden Design

Garden Design Tips and Advice

The tips and advice of any skilled garden designer to novices are reliably the same: wait. Hold back as well as observe up until a year has played out its seasons. What have you got? What grows well in the area? Trees, hedges, and wild blossoms growing along the road are as instructive as the plants and flowers that recur in other gardens.

Garden Design Tips and Advice Maidstone and Kent

Look out of your window at your garden, the greatest shape you'll probably see is your lawn. If it's a great strong shape it will certainly set the whole garden on the right track. 

The way paving is laid and also its colour supply a solid design direction for the entire garden. 

For example, grey or white rock stocked an arbitrary pattern will establish the scene for a French country look.

Black or silver paving arranged in a routine design will create the ideal backdrop to a smooth, sleek scheme. Whereas honey or gold rock arranged in a random pattern creates an English country feel.

The quality of light, soil and also moisture could differ dramatically  between one side of the garden path to the other. If your paths are made of gravel, they'll provide something interesting to many plants: drainage and a layer of mulch.

The feeling of a house as well as its environments will help to suggest a theme or atmosphere for the garden. A dark courtyard, as an example, can become a yard of pale plants. While a walled, sunnier space would help trap scent. Edit your plants towards this main idea. One of the most typical approach for enclosing a garden is with a fence. 

Obviously fencing has functional purposes, like keeping animals or protecting against trespassing. Yet they typically aren't always the most attractive option. This is why we endorse the trend of confining yards with lavish hedges that offer privacy, yet are appealing as well as inviting.

There is a vast variety available to garden enthusiasts through seed business, seed swaps, as well as community gardens. Make your vegetable garden show this trend and attempt a few new-to-you plants.

How do I start my garden design?

As with any great project, the place you must start when creating your new garden is research. 

It may help visit garden centres or public gardens to get inspiration for your design ideas of how you think you want to change your garden. 

Bear in mind throughout your research the limitations of your garden, such as its size and how your family generally uses your garden.

How do I start my garden design? Maidstone and Kent

You can also take photographs of gardens that you like to create a mood board and drawing any ideas you have to see how they look on paper.    

Choose a garden look.

Through your research and creating a mood board, you should envision a perfect overall look that you would like for your dream garden landscaping. 

This could be a particular colour you want to dominate in your garden, a certain style or a specific aesthetic you want to go for. By combining common elements from all of your disparate ideas, you can create a comprehensive look for your garden at home. 

Make a plan for the garden.

The next thing you need to do is make a room plan in your existing garden and where all of your new components will fit into it. It is often best to do this on gridded paper so that you can draw to scale, using a tape measure to plot the dimensions, layout and structure of the existing outside space accurately. 

You should also carefully note where any cables or pipes might be found in your garden spaces when conducting your landscaping. You can hire a cable avoidance tool to do this. It may also be worth hiring a laser level to check any rises or dips in your garden. 

Planning is one of the most critical stages of landscape gardening. Taking your time and ensuring that all of your measurements and sketches are accurate will save you from any expensive mistakes further down the line. 

Elements to consider when first planning are:

  • - Walls and boundaries

    - Hedges and fences

    - Paths and Patios

    - Lawns

    - Water features

    - Zoning areas (dining, playing, shading)

    - Planting: trees, shrubs, pots

    - Lighting Out-buildings

Common landscaping materials

Common landscaping materials Maidstone and Kent

As with any landscaping work, there are several types of material that you can use to create the beautiful desired look for your garden. 

Each of these offers unique aesthetic qualities and can be used together to create truly bespoke looks for your home garden. 

Materials such as brick for walls, paving slabs or block paving, as well as timber decking, can all be used together to create landscaping that genuinely reflects you and your home. 

Other materials such as aggregates, concrete and paints can all be used to add personal touches and decorative details to make your garden landscape stand out.

Skip hire or muck away services are available for easy and cost-effective disposal of any onsite waste. Your local council may even be able to assist you regarding any waste disposal needs your landscaping project may have. 

How do I get rid of hard landscaping waste?

If your garden is inaccessible through any side roads or pathways, you may be able to ask a neighbour's if you may use theirs. 

Conversely, you may also ask your local council to see what plant waste disposal solutions are open to you. Skips can be hired for around £50-£200, but remember that you will need to pay for a license through your local council if the skip is placed on a public road. 

Privately contracted landscapers are required to pay for the services of a commercial tip. Still, if you are undertaking the landscaping work yourself, you may want to discuss this with your local residential tip to see which materials they can dispose of. 

Ultimately, however, given that landscaping jobs are large undertakings that require skill and experience to create, it is often best to hire a professional landscaping team to create the looks you have in mind. 

Hiring a Professional Landscaper

As previously mentioned, given the level of skill and experience required to conduct any sizeable landscaping work, it can often be prudent to hire the services of a professional landscaper or landscaping team. 

While this may be more expensive than carrying out the work yourself, it is well worth the extra costs. Professional landscapers will know what to do to create the garden you have envisioned through the planning stage. 

And besides these obvious benefits, a professional landscaper will also know exactly how to dispose of any waste incurred during construction, making this the least of your worries and saving you the hassle. 

Hiring a Professional Landscaper Maidstone and Kent

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