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How to Paint Decking

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  • 26-11-2016
How to Paint Decking

How to Paint Decking

Painting or staining  garden decking can be very easy if you follow a few simple instructions. Let's take a look at how you can effectively paint your decking.

One of the first things to remember the want to paint your decking is to properly prepare the surface. The first step should be choosing the right cleaning product. 

This will of course depend on the condition of your deck as you want to remove any dirt or all finish off from the wood. The next step will be to choose the right staining. This depends on the appearance and the durability that you are looking to achieve.

You can choose a clear staining, which will offer the least UV protection, but it gives you the best possible view if you have a natural wood grain.

You can also choose a stain that will provide a light colour highlights to your wood. Then you can choose between semitransparent and solid coloured stains.

 Solid coloured stains will help to cover up any blemishes while offering maximum durability.

Then of course you have to have the right project materials to do the job. You need to thoroughly prepare your deck and make sure that you do the job safely. Some of the things you may need include gloves, a garden hose, safety glasses, brushes, a boom, rollers, and an extension pole.

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