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How to Landscape Your Garden

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  • 16-12-2016
How to Landscape Your Garden

How to Landscape Your Garden

Landscaping may seem overwhelming, but with the right guidance it's easier than you think. Here are a few tips for properly landscaping your garden. 

One of the first things you should do when you want a landscaped garden is to determine your needs. Perhaps your kids need enough playing space, or you want to start growing a vegetable garden. 

Maybe you simply want to add value to your property by having a beautiful landscaped garden. You can then look at different patterns of the sun and wind, so that you know where the shade will be during the day.

Remember to start small. There are plenty of techniques to follow and you want to make sure you do it right. You can slowly develop your landscaping skills and enjoy the process. 

You may want to start with a flower bed, before you move to other areas of the garden. Also try to work around a focal point. It's an easy feature to put in place and it's ideal for beginner landscapers. It can be something simple like a sculpture, or even a beautiful plant or tree.

One of the trickiest principles is scale and pacing. It gives you a complete look if you do it right. There will be taller parts. For example tall plants against a wall, or at the back of a flower bed. 

There are other elements like shapes and colours that you want to organise in a logical manner. You can definitely be creative, so don't worry about being too formal.