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The Cost of Landscaping in The UK

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  • 08-09-2021
The Cost of Landscaping in The UK

How much does landscaping cost in the UK? We look at the average garden landscaping price and typical landscaping jobs.

There can be huge discrepancies in how much it costs to have a garden landscaped between properties. Some sources note that one can expect to spend around 5%-10% of the properties value. Another way to estimate would be the size of the garden. 

It can be expected that small gardens up to 100m2 range from £7000 to £12000, with medium gardens 100m2-200m2 ranging from £12000 to £17000. Larger gardens will have an accompanying larger cost to landscape. If there are complex structures or other aspects that would add difficulty to the landscaping process, then one can also expect a higher price. 

Therefore, various online calculators exist so that individuals can ballpark how much they need!

Average Garden Landscaping Price List

How Much Does Landscaping Cost In The UK?

These are rough estimates of unit prices of different landscaping services. A patio can be expected to be around £100/m2 of land. Decking can be around £100/m2 to £125/m2. Replacing a patio with a lawn, £60/m2. Real grass installation, £12/m2 to £16/m2 and artificial grass £65/m2 to £80/m2.

Outdoor lighting is very case-to-case dependent, however approximately £150 for one light. A resin-bound pathway can lead to materials being between £20/m2 to £80/m2. However, it may involve a minimum cost of installation. Expect to pay around £2000 if going off a minimum cost.

Fencing can cost from £50/m to £100/m, but this increases with higher quality panels, which can be well over £100/m. Brick walls can be expected to be around £54/m, working back from £650 for a 1m by 12m wall. Raised beds can be £30/m2 to £130/m2 due to the different options each person would require. Rockeries also have many variances, but if a professional was used, then approximately £300 to £500. Shingle paths can be around £85/m2. 

Ponds can vary greatly due to different wants, needs and specifications. For a 1.5m diameter pond, the price can be from around £400 to £800. The unit price for railway sleepers can be approximately £50 per 2.4m by 100mm by 200mm.

Typical landscaping jobs

Landscaping gardening concentrates primarily on a garden's design and construction as a whole, which could include using flowers to accentuate parts of a design. Various jobs as listed below can be used in tandem, all to achieve the ideal look and style of a garden for a customer. 

A lot can be achieved, whether making a garden more comfortable, more suitable for a purpose, or increasing the general value of a property. Landscape gardening can have a lot in common with both gardening and architecture, and many aspects can be attempted by an untrained individual. With some services, it is recommended to have a go yourself, as imperfections can be useful in maintaining character.

Landscape gardeners will often price around their experience and ability, so ranges from £10 per hour to £20 per hour are frequent; many will also have qualifications in areas such as horticulture or botany. However, it is not required for landscape gardeners to have them. 

Typical landscaping jobs

Some jobs can be priced solely per square meter or other relevant units. At the same time, time, labour, and materials will often factor into the price, making the average cost of landscaping approximations. Most garden landscapers will focus on outdoor space, meaning the size of your garden can impact the scale of a job. There are also distinctions between hard and soft landscaping projects. 

For quick reference, hard landscaping refers to structural features of an area, such as patios and sheds and materials such as paving and gravel. In contrast, soft landscaping refers to features such as trees, plants and flowers.

Landscaping jobs and estimates

Laying a patio

 The laying of a patio often costs around £100/m2 of land, which includes all aspects such as excavation of excess soil, laying sand and hardcore, then the finishing with cement and slabs. It is very important that the base prevents slipping, as an unsuitable base can cause repairs to be needed or other work to be done. Therefore, there's plenty of reason to be sceptical of those who say that they can lay slabs directly onto the soil. 

Assuming an average patio with a size around 16m2, one can expect work to finish after two to three days, with variation depending on the size and specifics of an area. There may also be additional costs for a skip to remove the soil.

Building a deck

 Assuming that the ground is already level and specifics have been decided prior to, around two to three days can be expected to build a 16m2 deck. It should be noted that for decks more than 150mm above lawn level, a handrail must be installed around the deck. Price variations can occur from factors such as these, as well as the choice of timber decking to be used for the deck.

Replace patio with lawn

Landscaping jobs and estimates

For many people, replacing an old and likely dated patio with new turf is their preferred option. It can help not only the aesthetics of a property but also the property's value. It is important the professional conducting this has a waste skip on hand. 

This means that rubble and debris can easily be moved during the levelling process. It can be expected that, for an 8m2 patio removal, two days and approximately £500 should do the job.

Real grass

Real grass is probably cheaper than all other garden surfaces, as well as being extremely simple. It requires a flat and fine soil, with good quality grass and then, once laid, maintenance can be watering or cutting when wanted.

Artificial grass

Artificial grass has the benefit of requiring the bare minimum in maintenance. It also has the advantage of creating a good play environment for kids due to the surface being soft and comfortable. It is more expensive than real grass, and many will want a professional to install it for them. 

The reason for professionals is due to the sub-base needing to be well prepared with weed prevention fabric and other fittings to ensure a high-quality finish.

Outdoor lighting

Installation of outdoor lighting is recommended to be conducted by a professional electrician, as there are various regulations that outdoor lighting must comply with. The price for this will depend on the fittings used, as well as the length of the cable run, which may also need to be underground, which can require a trench to be dug. Electricians will often have an hourly rate, and some may have a minimum fee which can lead outdoor lighting to be a pricey option. However, a professional is still recommended.

Resin-bound pathway

The installation of a resin-bound pathway requires a professional. It should be noted that not every landscape gardener has the level of training required to install one well, as a good one will last years. You may see costs around £20/80m2, but will minimum charges in the thousands.

Resin-bound pathway


For fencing, you can either install ready-made panels onto posts, as long as the posts are already there, or a fence can be built onto a site with timber. These posts need to be concreted into the ground as to stay stable and firm, to keep the fencing upright. 

It is reasonable to expect a landscape gardener to be able to install fencing without issues, however for anything complex, a professional carpenter may be needed, and rates can be expected to be around £20/hour.

Brick wall 

For a brick wall in a garden, it must look good while retaining durability and strength. This means a minimum of 100mm thick concrete foundations for the length of the brick wall, with brick piers at fixed intervals to retain structural integrity. Landscapers can often do this. However, if bricklayers are the only option, then they will be able to complete this either at a fixed cost or a quote/1000 bricks. 

Raised beds 

Raised beds hold a huge purpose in being a great way to grow vegetables. It requires the enclosing of an area through using strong timber or brick walls, which are infilled with high-quality topsoil. The cost for this will depend on both the area to be enclosed, the height to be raised to and what is enclosing the raised beds. This leads to costs being from around £30m2 to £130m2.


Rockery Landscaping

Rockeries can be created in a DIY fashion which is great for budget based upgrades, with many learning resources available for free. The price is dependent on whether a professional does it, the quantity and the types of stones and flowers used. It can be expected for a hired professional to charge from around £350 to £500, saving the effort of planting and placement, which can also allow for more ideas. 

There is a lot of freedom with this, and some stones can even be found and used for free, with no limitations on what flowers and stones are used. 

Shingle path

These can be built by anyone providing they have the tools available. A professional can complete it, often charging up to £500 for a 6m*1m path, including materials and labour. 


Ponds can be great additions to gardens and allow for a great range of diversity to be brought to a garden due to the additional environment. Meshes can also be used to ensure it is safe for children to be around them. 

There can be options for various sizes of ponds, so it is important to find what size suits you. There are also ways that a pond can be made without a professionals' help, but it can require some ingenuity and digging. Having a pond of some distinction will often bring various wildlife to it, which can be a great site.

Pond Landscaping

Railway sleepers

Railway sleepers can be hard to acquire, but some substitutes of other sturdy timber can be used. Protection is needed to prevent the rotting of the timber, such as tantalising and treating with preservatives. It functions as an excellent edging for other aspects of a garden, and prices can vary wildly on the sourcing of the materials and the grade of the materials. 

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