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Hedge Trimming

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  • Hedge Maintenance
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  • 18-12-2015
Hedge Trimming

An unkempt hedge always looks bad so keeping on top of your hedge trimming duties can really bring your garden back to life. Now, if you are considering getting hedges for your garden you may see hedge trimming as a fair amount of work. It doesn't have to be though, you could always pay a company like us to trim them every so often and then we can keep your hedges looking great all year round.

A hedge boarder around our back garden or front garden can look great, if kept in the proper condition. If it isn't kept trimmed and looking nice it can instantly give the appearance of an overgrown garden. If you have just moved into a house and are wanting a quick way of making it your own home having the hedges trimmed is a great way of doing this. This process also gives you a chance to really see the space that you have to work with and from there you can begin making plans for the rest of your garden.

Hedge trimming can also improve the health of your hedges. Trimming the branches back just a few centimeters at a time will allow new shoots to grow in healthier and give the hedge a beautiful colour. If you have just had a new hedge planted you can still take advantage of our hedge trimming service to add more to your garden.