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Hard Landscaping Guide 

Hard landscaping is the term used for describing non-living things in the garden. This often includes paving, walkways, patios, and even benches, birdbaths and sculptures. By incorporating hard landscaping design in your lawn, you will add not only aesthetic value to your home but monetary value as well.

Hard landscaping is an essential part of the structure of a garden. Aside from being attractive, the hard landscape should be functional and sturdy. It visually blends the building and the rest of the garden. Let's consider some elements with your hard landscaping design.

Benefits of a Driveway

There is nothing better than a lovely home, nice lawn and a nice vehicle sitting in the driveway. A paved driveway adds interest and value to your home. A worn out yard from vehicles driving and parking on the lawn is extremely unattractive. There are some benefits to paving your driveway.

Paved driveways are the best choice when it comes to parking the car. Unpaved driveways can become messy and annoying. After wet weather conditions, the area is left moist and unsafe. Cars can get stuck in the mud and leave unsightly tire treads in the yard.

Driveways that are paved keep automobiles from tearing up the yard. It eliminates the chance of becoming stuck in the mud on a rainy day. It also diminishes the amount of dirt and mud that comes into the house.

There are many different styles and materials to choose from when considering driveway paving. The durability, appeal and maintenance should all be taken into account when determining how the driveway will look. Concrete, Paving stone, and asphalt are a few common materials used for paving.

Installing a Patio

Patios are notably common in most homes in the U.K. For entertainment purposes. There is apparently, no better place to hang around in than an open space like a patio.

One can hope to have a gala time here at get-togethers with friends whom one has not met for some time due to everyone being busy in their lives.

At some homes, the children enjoy themselves in the backyards while the patio serves as a resting place for their parents. From  here they can keep a watch on them and indulge in some quiet and peaceful reading too.

Just as some homeowners love to use the kitchen area as a place to socialise, the patio too serves such an important function for many functions and parties. 

One can spend nice and quiet hours here all by oneself or together with other members of the family so that it acts as a gathering spot for the entire family. For all your precious items at home, you use covers to protect them and keep them looking nice in the long run.

The patio too is not distinct and requires patio covers to sustain their beauty and longevity.  Especially since they are exposed to the components of weather. This space, as we know, is great for acting as a dinner area for those times when you choose to have an ordinary one with your close friends. 

If at such times, the climate plays spoilsport, it is going to pose an issue for you if no patio covers are in position. It will be a source of shame since your buddies would not be able to gather there due to the mere reason that you never thought of installing patio covers. To avoid likely such situations, it is best to get patio covers without further delay.

Materials Available

In landscape design, hard landscaping materials refer to construction materials used. These are what a designer or architect uses to magnify the landscape design. Some examples of hard landscaping materials include gravel, concrete, glass stones, bricks, and the like. The matching term soft landscaping materials indicates planting.

Below are some common hard landscaping materials to get you accustomed with these important factors in your landscape design.


Paving are broadly used in landscaping. There is a broad range of paving to choose from to suit various areas in your home such as a driveway, walkway, a patio, pool area, etc. Paving is also used as edging or as stepping stones.

Crushed rock

Another hard conventional material for landscaping is crushed rock, which is also available in various sizes and colours. Crushed volcanic rock is a popular choice. Its red colour gives a rustic appeal to the landscape. Other kinds of crushed rock include gravel, sandstone, quartz, limestone and others. 


Soils are relevant hard landscaping materials. To better soil condition in the yard or garden, add organic fertilising matter or compost. Remember to choose plants that match or thrive on the type of soil that area has.

Styles available

The right landscape design style for your yard will depend on the appearance of your home, as well as your individual preferences and needs. There are many different styles to consider, each with their unique characteristics.

Each offers some individual variations for different tastes and purposes. There are several styles in landscaping from which you can choose one to be incorporated into your home. You can also select a few from assorted styles and can be creative to create your design which is unique.

Desert Landscape: Who says all has to be green? Why not go with succulent flowering, stone, sand and concrete?  These are combined in the form of endless possibilities. You can create gardens from a cool minimalism to a cosy desert surrounded by plant life and earthen colours.

Country Landscape: A wooden fence would be a nice touch.  But even without that, this landscape design style should have rows of flowers. It can include at least one large shady tree  and a patch or two of grasses.

Sustainable Landscape: The key to this style of landscaping is to choose plants that benefit each other - and you also.

Modern Landscape: There are many different styles modern landscaping.  Clean edges are a common denominator among them.  Patios and walkways should be cleared and well-maintained.  Coloured gravel mulch beds can fill certain areas. Giant pots filled with palms miniature Hollies pen or other small narrow shafts must be placed symmetrically. 

Low Maintenance Landscape: Less cutting grass, weed less beds, less rake leaves.

Tropical Landscaping: If you resides in a hot climate area, you have the option to choose this design landscaping style.

Contemporary landscape: Contemporary landscape design aim at bring out that natural beauty in youth home.