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Gardening in the Summer

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  • 05-07-2018
Gardening in the Summer

Gardening in the Summer

As summer approaches, most people are usually excited about going to the beach or engaging in several outdoor activities. However, this is not the case for most gardeners. To them, summer is a challenging period, one which requires adequate preparations. It's why we have compiled these helpful tips for you to ensure your gardening experience will be exceptional this coming summer. 

Take Care of the Budding Plants 

Do your plants drop their buds or flowers during summer? Often, this might lead to drying up of the plants. To be on the safe side, therefore, you should regularly water them at least twice a weak. Mulching of the soil is also another alternative that can prevent your plants from budding. 

Ensure the Pots Remain Cold 

If you have potted plants, it's only best if you ensure they remain cool. For instance, the terracotta pots are prone to overheating, and this can have adverse effects on them. To ensure they stay cold, however, don't pour water on them, doing so can lead to rotting of their roots. Instead, put them on moist sand. It will ensure they are cold at all times.

Water Your Plants

As obvious as this might sound, watering plants during summer is different from watering them in other seasons. As such, you can water the plants very early in the morning to avoid mildew and other fungi from attacking the leaves. Mildew mostly attacks melons, roses, and cucumbers. While watering them, however, you can use the opportunity to supply your plants with minerals; preferably by adding nutrients to the water. However, ensure that the water is flowing, and also check that there is no debris or other particles along the pipes.

Don't Forget To Protect New Plants

As much as the sun is vital during photosynthesis, new flowers or vegetables have a minimal chance of surviving under the harsh sun. As such, shelter them using leafy branches, shade cloth or any other material. Shading the plants for at least a week or two will increase their chances of survival.

Be Wary of Pests

During summer, the warm conditions of the soil encourage the growth of pests. The most common being ants, weevils, and caterpillars. It's, therefore, best to begin researching on a good pesticide or practising pest prevention measures. Some of these pests are not only dangerous to your plants but can also come after gardening tools, especially those with wooden handles. 

caterpillar being a garden pest
holes in leaves from garden pests

The above tips will help you prepare your plants to survive summer conditions. However, you should also make a routine of working in your garden early in the morning to avoid working under the scorching sun. Always check the soil to know whether there is enough water. 

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