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Guide to Garden Water Features

The collection of water features ranges from small, medium and to large water features. The varied designs ensure that there will be a water feature available for everyone's taste. All the water features have a natural rock-like finish, which can blend with any garden.

Garden water features add a cool, lush look and feel to garden with overall less effort than a normal garden. A water garden can be of any size. You can grow a small garden in any suitable waterproof container. You can also buy moulded fibreglass ponds with or without waterfalls and fountains, in a myriad of shapes and sizes.

Benefits of Garden Water Feature

Increased property value: while buying your home, one of the things that you wish for is that you will be fit to sell it at an advantage so that you can reinvest in another property. Water features such as waterfalls and ponds offer a perfect place where you can host barbeques or house gatherings. Hence, if you can provide this to proposed home buyers, they will be more than willing to pay more.

Environment conservation: Involving water topographies in your landscaping is a way through which you can help in environment conservation.

Magnificent visual effect: perhaps one of the purposes, why a majority of homeowners build water features, is because of the great visual effects that they provide. 

Healing effects: surprisingly, there are numerous studies which suggest that adding water features to your property can provide you with therapeutic benefits. The sounds of the waterfall in your backyard can aid in relieving the pent up stress and anxiety that build up during the day. Therefore, if you are looking for a natural way of easing stress, you need to consider building water structures in your backyard.

Types of Water Feature Available

Despite the prevailing thought, a water feature doesn't waste water at all. The water that is placed into the element is reused on a loop and also rain water that is obtained is also attached. So once the water is filled; it shouldn't call to be refilled for a long time.

Birdbaths:Birdbaths are an exceptional way to have birds into your garden. In hotter months birds will come and swim also drink from a birdbath. If you desire to wake up in the morning to the lovely sounds of singing birds then including a birdbath in your landscape thoughts for your new project is an excellent idea. 

Waterfalls: A waterfall is a standard garden water system included in many landscape designs over the years. Home build waterfalls are often very attractive and easy for anyone to build. Fountains: A Garden Fountain is commonly considered a piece of art, and you will see them in professional landscaping projects throughout the country.

Pond:A clear solution a pond enables you to keep a variety of fish and plant life in your garden. You may be capable of combining other water features like foundations and waterfalls into the pond to form an advanced feature. 

Ideas for Water Features

Here are five notions that you should consider if you want to make a splash with your outdoor:

  • Three tier outdoor fountain: this is a big extension to a smaller cosier patio which is surrounded by foliage. You can transport your house into an Italian countryside by only adding this water feature. 
  • A gorgeous backdrop: if you already have an old model fountain situated in your garden then it may need TLC. You can accomplish this by using mosaic and brilliant colours as its backdrop.
  • Classic status: Although it is a classic, this type of fountain is still extremely popular. Whether you are looking for a Greek or Victorian style statue, it can certainly add that extra level of sophistication to your home. This fountain should be installed in an area that is highly visible. 
  • Table top fountain: a new course that is taking over is having smaller water features placed around the house. One of the most common designs is that of the table top fountain that is full of character. These table top fountains are tiny and quaint and can fit perfectly onto any size table, indoors or out.
  • Asian influence: some different cultures inspire water features. If you need amazing Zen in your lifetime than a concrete Asian-inspired fountain is ideal for you.

Which Water Feature Is Right for Me?

There are as many various kinds of water features as there are landscapes that can family them. While the diversity of features gives you an almost endless number of choices, the vast amount of options available can be terrifying. 

There's no one right water feature explanation for any given landscape; but by acknowledging appearances of your design, we can work to settle on a resolution that will complement what you already have in place.

Fountains: Fountains range from standard designs to modern, ornate to sleek. You should consider the installation of a fountain about the landscape design choices you've already made. A fountain in the typical Greek style would look jarring in an environment that favours sharp geometric patterns, just as an abstract fountain made from naturally artificial materials will look out of place next to soft, curved design elements.

Ponds: Ponds can vary from very small accent elements to large bodies of water that become the focal point of a landscape. The size of your property will be the best determining factor as to what kind of pond will work best for you. 

Waterfalls:Waterfalls can add that final touch that makes a yard a rest destination. One thing to think about regarding the installation of a waterfall is your pre-existing landscape design. If your yard goes up against a rustic wooded area with a large amount of tree cover and natural vegetation, an informal waterfall that replicates the feeling of the great outdoors might be the solution for you. 

Water pumps for water features

If you have previously formed a pond or liner pond, a pond pump is the most important component of any water feature. Stagnant bodies of water invite mosquito infestations, which are a problem, and also unacceptable, due to the recent outbreaks of the West Nile virus. Hence, it is important that you utilise a pond pump that diffuses your body of water.

Pumps are ready in both submersible and external (outside the pond) models. For the smaller pond (up to 1000 litres of water), a submersible pump is quite economical option. Submersible pumps for ponds can be placed straight in the pond and needs relatively little installation. They are free from noise, and for tiny ponds, can easily be used to drain your pond.

Pond pumps are measured in gallons per hour (GPH).

In ancient times, the main demerit of submersible pumps for ponds is that the pump seal could rupture and release oil coolant into the water. However, this is not the case today because the new pumps are magnetic, and require more cooling. Bombs "magnet leads" are a little more expensive, but they have the advantage of consuming less electricity