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Garden Landscaping

Frequently Asked Questions

Landscaping is a fantastic way to completely transform the look of your garden and improve your living experience. As each garden is as unique as the occupants of the property, there are inevitable a wide range of factors which can affect the design and layout. Isle Landscapers Limited have put together a small list of the most commonly asked questions below that will hopefully help with your query, but if your question isn't listed below, feel free to call us on 01622 880 002 and our team of friendly experts will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

The landscaping cost of a garden will vary. It depends on what you want to gain and achieve from the space you have. Many experienced landscapers will charge approximately £150 to £200 per day. If you have a limited budget in place and know what you want, you can tailor the project to suit your limitations. 

Soft Landscaping

The elements included in soft landscaping are shrubs, trees and turf. Soft landscaping is a cost-effective way of improving the look of your garden space without the expense of a significant landscape project.

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If you want to soften the landscape and space in your garden, add elements that give a softer look and bring structure to your garden. You can add many more delicate features, including turf and plants, shrubs and hedges or even raised flower beds. All these will give a much softer and colourful look to the landscape in your outdoor space.

The difference between the two styles of the landscape is pretty much as it says. Hard landscaping consists of all the solid or hard thing you have in your outdoor space like gravel, stone, concrete and bricks etc. The difference is pretty much as you read it. In comparison, soft landscaping comprises all the living elements around your garden like soil, trees, grass, shrubs, flowers, in fact, anything that will grow.

Aesthetically pleasing landscape designs incorporate five key elements: form, line, scale, colour and texture. These five elements will bring the perfect balance to your garden space while looking appealing to the eye. 

If you want low maintenance plants for your garden, see the list below for some ideas. Not only will they look great for a long time in your garden, but they also won't require feeding or complicated pruning.

Ornamental grasses
Most shade-loving shrubs
Asters and symphytricom

Our team at Isle Landscapers Limited will give you all the advice you need for low maintenance plants.

Many low maintenance shrubs will give a stunning look to your garden. See below for a few ideas: 

Dwarf Norway Spruce
Emerald âN Gold Euonymus
Fox Red Curly Sedge
Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper

These shrubs won't grow too large and outgrow the space you planted them in. 

Hard Landscaping

The cost to install a new patio will depend on the patio you want and the materials you want to use. Our team at Isle Landscapers Ltd will be happy to give you a free quote and all the advice you require.

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Having a beautifully landscaped garden with a patio could add anything between five and twenty per cent to the value of your property. 

Depending on the size of your garden will dictate the size of the patio you can have. See below for an idea of patio sizes and what you can fir on them.

Small: 7ft x 7ft = 49 sq ft
You can fit two chairs and a bistro table on here.

Medium: 12ft x 14ft = 168 sq ft
This size of a patio will accommodate a decent-sized table with 6-8 chairs

Large: 16ft x 18ft = 288 sq ft
You can easily fit a couch, lounge chairs and a coffee style table on this large-sized patio.

Concrete is one of the most popular materials available when installing a driveway. The concrete is low maintenance and hard-wearing. 

Block paving is one of the most practical ideas for a driveway. Most property owners will opt for block paving as their chosen driveway surfaces option because block paving is durable and will last longer.

Asphalt is the same surface as the one used on many roads and paths in the United Kingdom. It is a relatively cheaper option to install and can last 20 years or more.

Fencing and Decking  

You will need to replace your fence when any of the following occur:

Rotting: If it is one panel, you could have it replaced; however, a whole fence would need to be replaced.
Leaning: A leaning fence can cause damage to your or your neighbours' gardens. It can also cause injury if they fall on someone.
Split and Missing Boards: Split and or warped boards will perform poorly on your fencing.
Loose and Missing Fasteners: You can replace these; however, the wood will not withstand constant repairs over time.
Repairs Are Too Costly: When it becomes too expensive to repair your fence, this is the time to replace it.

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This depends on the amount and type of fencing you require. Isle Landscapers Limited offers free, highly competitive quotes.

Timber garden fencing can last anything from 5 years to 30 years, in some cases even longer. It all depends on the materials used and how well they are installed and maintained.

Again, this depends on the size and type of materials you want to use. Please speak to our team at Isle Landscapers Limited for a free competitive quote.

Yes, you can, the ground needs to be prepared, and it isn't so easy if you have little or no knowledge. Speak to Isle Landscapers Limited for a free no-obligation quote.

The amount of decking you require will depend on the size of the decked area you want. Isle Landscapers Ltd will advise you when they measure and give you a quote.