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Finding the right Garden Style

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  • 19-01-2017
Finding the right Garden Style

Finding the right Garden Style

Garden styles have become desirable recently. A lot of people like to utilise new as well as creative styles to design their garden.

Are you looking for a specific garden style? Here are some trends which can help you make your own garden individual. Here are different styles of gardens to choose from. 

Specialised Garden Styles 

Specialised garden styles include a botanical garden, zoos, amusements and other commercials landscape gardens. Usually, they are known as a non-residential garden. The main idea of this style of garden is to make the landscaping look extremely striking. These landscaping designs are normally a joint effort and not often a duty of a single gardener. 

A team of gardeners and botanists works as one to provide that aesthetic appeal.  These help or deliver proceeds to the organisations supporting the theme. Vegetables are not often grown in this style of garden. They focus more on rare or special forms of flora, trees or shrubs. 

Residential Garden Style

Residential gardens or backyard gardens don't need a lot of space. A window sill, balcony or any other part can be utilised to generate crop. Usually, they aim to cultivate home grown vegetables which can be used by the family and when there's excess harvest, it can be sold.

As this style of garden is developed in a smaller area, it is easier to maintain and watch the grown plants. It's always easier to keep a smaller garden safe from pests as you can focus on all the factors of gardening.  

The residential style adds beauty as well as colour to your landscape and could be made by those who have just started their career.

Indoor Garden Style 

This style of gardening is ideal for those who don't have a yard or other place to make a garden. The most important part of this garden style is the plants could be grown all through the year.

However, sunlight is essential for every plant to grow and nourish. So you have to keep them in a place where they could get enough sunlight for a couple of hours on a daily basis. Not each plant could grow indoors, so pick only those that could survive inside your home. 

Greenhouses are a good example of indoor gardening. They are armed with a weather control system and are perfect for the commercial grower largely due to the cost involved.