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Choosing the perfect decking

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  • 31-12-2015
Choosing the perfect decking

Choosing the perfect decking

Now you may think that there is only one choice of materials for decking in your garden, wood. That is correct. Yet, which type of wood is going to give you the look that you are after?

Well we are here to give you the run down of what each wood look likes and the properties of it as well. Hopefully with the information below you will be able to make an informed decision about which wood to use for your decking.

Cedar and redwood decking

Cedar and redwood are mid range options for decking. These woods last a little longer than pressure treated wood.

They have a darker colour than the standard decking and have a slightly more consistent character throughout all of the boards.

Both woods are slightly more costly than pressure treated wood. However, buying these will mean you won't have to replace them as quickly.

Ipe hardwood decking

Ipe is the most expensive option available for decking. It is exotic looking and has a rich, warm colour and unique grain.

The decking can last between 30 to 50 years so although the initial outlay may be the most expensive it will pay for itself over time.

The only downside to Ipe is that in order to keep the colour looking great you have to oil the boards once every two to three years. However, this will give them a beautiful colour once again. This will make your decking look bright and new again.

We hope this guide to different types of wood to use for decking helped. The initial cost can sometimes be a factor. But just remember, if you pay a little bit more you will save yourself some money in the future by not having to replace boards so often. Feel free to contact us about decking in Maidstone and Kent.