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Choices for installing fencing

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  • 24-12-2015
Choices for installing fencing

Choices for installing fencing

Finding the right look for fencing can be tricky. It is important to get the look that you are after because you are going to have to look at your fences everyday.

Hopefully this article will give you some information to think about when it comes to different styles of fencing.

The array of materials that you can use for fencing now is amazing. There is more choice than ever before so lets get stuck into comparing them.

Wooden fencing

Wooden fences are still a very popular way of creating a boundary between you and your neighbour. They give a natural appearance. They can be finished with stains and paints as well to make the perfect place for you and your family to relax in. Wooden fences are also a lot easier to create curves in if you need to.

Vinyl fencing

Vinyl fences are a fairly recent addition to fence panels. They are very durable indeed and are known to last over 10 years without fading or turning brittle.

They are also adaptable so can suit a wide range of architectural styles. The only real downside to vinyl is that they only come in 3 colours!

Wrought iron fencing

Wrought iron fences are making a comeback. These adorned many gardens around the country years ago however, wooden fences slowly took them over.

Wrought iron is great for front gardens but it may not be to everyone's taste for the back garden. Wrought iron fences are open. So, unless you get on with your neighbour extremely well, perhaps keep this to the front garden.

Aluminium fencing

Aluminium fences tend to be thought of as security fences around industrial estates. However, they can add a lot of style to your garden. They are less expensive than wrought iron and yet they give a great style.

These are just some of the many different fencing materials to choose from. Each of these have a use around your garden and can add a great look, it all depends on the look that you want to achieve. Ask us about fenciong in Maidstone and Kent.